The Hummingbird

Originally conceived as a pair, Ben always intended on carving the sister bracket when time allowed. Carved in lime to emulate the creativity and craftsmanship of Grinling Gibbons, with a more contemporary interpretation. The Hummingbird bracket always attracts great attention whenever it is displayed.​ From the flowing lines of the ornament to the delicately carved and more naturalistic flower elements, Ben was able to create real depth and an organic feel to the bracket. Almost invisible at some angles, the viewer quickly becomes aware of the delicate hummingbird woodcarving with its beautiful flowing tail, hovering effortlessly while it feeds on the nectar; a real feeling of flight and a magical moment captured by Ben Harms himself.

A close up view of The Hummingbird wood carved by Ben Harms
Ben Harms carving The Hummingbird Bracket
A full view of Ben Harms' The Hummingbird wall bracket